Appletree Company Philosophy

To help the business owner who needs promotional materials or is looking to create more revenue or higher profits for their business with marketing campaigns. Graphic design is one of the tools we use, along with creative thinking and research knowledge, to help the businesses we work with stand out and have a better response rate for their marketing efforts.

Not every business needs to run google ads! We are happy to discuss all the options for reaching your target market, and the related cost comparisons. To be truly successful with an advertising campaign or any marketing materials you produce, a business must identify their primary buyer, and focus on the the concerns of their customers needs and desires.

Today, web design, social media and email marketing are an integral part of most business marketing plans. Appletree can provide a variety of solution options for your specific needs. Consultations are always complimentary.


Appletree Advertising founder, Andrea Raymond, has a bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Advertising Design from The Academy of Art College, San Francisco in 1990.

The name Appletree Advertising was initially formed during college while working as a freelancer. My family name (Manzano) means appletree in Spanish, and the name stuck with me through the years. It seemed rhythmical, so it was made to be. There never was any correlation with the Apple computer, although that has been my choice of platform since those college days.

After freelancing, and working temporary jobs, I gained over 8 years of experience at a full service ad agency, and learned the details of creating campaigns, working with a team, creating different types of media.

Appletree Advertising was re-formed part-time while during the young years of starting our family. In 2003, with added parenting smarts, Appletree Advertising started the transformation into the full-time design & marketing agency it is today.