What do things cost?

It is impossible to put a price tag on brochures, catalogs, or other business materials because each project will vary with client, target market, product or service for sale, and the elements that need to be included to say everything you need to say to your prospect. Always ask for an estimate in writing when seeking design bids.

How do I know if direct mail is right for me?

Every business is unique and your marketing goal should be examined before you make a decision about the advertising media you will use. During a consultation, it is our job to ask the questions that will lead to the answers you are looking for. How many prospects to do you want to send to? How often can you afford to mail to them? A one-time mailing most of the time is not enough to get the phone ringing, but there are ways you can use direct mail to build a customer base to whom you can them market to in less expensive ways.

Email Campaigns: Stop the spam!

Using Yahoo or another type of email address to “mass mail” clients or prospects will get you on the blacklist very quickly. ISP’s are getting stricter about watching for these type of incoming emails. Also, you do not want to expose your clients email address to the whole world. Investing in Constant Contact, or a similar product will give your business a much more professional look, and your clients and prospects will appreciate that you respect their privacy. Call to ask us more about this inexpensive method of increasing repeat business!

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